Hilmer Lodge Stadium has been the site of 20 world records including what is arguably the greatest day in track and field where 7 world records were broken in one night! (click here for LA Times article).

100M 10.1   Dave Sime (USA) August 12, 1960*
200M 20.5   Otis Drayton (USA) June 23, 1962
High Jump 2.19M 7'02" John Thomas (USA) August 12, 1960*
Pole Vault 4.93M 16'02" Dave Tork (USA) April 28, 1962
Long Jump 8.21M 26'11"1/4 Ralph Boston (USA) August 12, 1960*
Shot Put 20.06M 65'10" Bill Nieder (USA) August 12, 1960*
Discus 59.91M 196'06" Richard Babka (USA) August 12, 1960*
Discus 62.62M 205'05" Al Oerter (USA) April 27, 1963
Discus 62.94M 206'06" Al Oerter (USA) April 25, 1964
Discus 69.18M 226'11" Mac Wilkins (USA) April 24, 1976
Hammer 70.33M 230'09" Harold Connolly (USA) August 12, 1960*
Hammer 71.26M 233'09" Harold Connolly (USA) June 20, 1965
Decathlon 8009 Points 9121 Old Table Yang Chuan-Kwan (TAI) April 27-28, 1963
220 Yard Hurdles 26.2   Chi Cheng (TAI) April 17, 1969
Shuttle Hurdles 55.25   USC April 26, 1981
4X200M Relay 1:18.68  

Santa Monica Track Club
(Carl Lewis, Leroy Burrell, Mike Marsh, Floyd Heard)

April 17, 1994
440 Yard Relay 40.0   Grambling College April 25, 1964
Mile Relay 3:05.6   USA Team
(Eddie Southern, Earl Young, Otis Davis, Jack Yerman)
August 12, 1960*
Mile Relay 3:04.5  

Arizona State University
(Mike Barrick, Ron Freeman, Henry Carr, Ulis Williams)

April 27, 1963
Distance Medley 9:33.4  

Fort MacArthur

April 28, 1968

Boston Leaps Beyond Owens Into History

By Earl Gustkey
Los Angeles Times - August 12, 1999

Whatever the 8,650 paid for their tickets at Mt. San Antonio College Stadium 39 years ago tonight, they got more than their money's worth.

The 1960 U.S. Olympic track and field team had scheduled a "conditioning meet" for Mt. SAC, a tuneup before the team left for the Rome Olympics.

Some tuneup. What ensued was a night of world record-breaking the likes of which no one had ever seen.

And the first record was the biggest one. Ralph Boston, a 21-year-old Tennessee A&I student, broke the oldest record on the books, Jesse Owens' long jump mark of 26 feet, 8 1/4 inches set at the 1935 Big Ten meet at Michigan.

Before his record leap of 26-11 1/4, Boston spiked himself in the leg, incurring a wound requiring three stitches.

Next, Kansas' Bill Nieder launched the shotput 65-10, bettering his own pending mark of 65-7.

Then a mile relay team of Eddie Southern, Earl Young, Otis Davis and Jack Yerman ran 3:05.6.

Two more Americans tied world records: sprinter Dave Sime with a 10.1-second 100 meters and Rink Babka with a 196-6 discus throw.

High jumper John Thomas broke the listed world high jump mark with a 7-2 leap, but he already had a 7-3 3/4 jump pending, from the U.S. team trials at Stanford earlier in the summer.

Boston cleared 26 feet on four of his six jumps, something no one--including Owens--had ever done.


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